As we know, there is a great story behind every success.

Git also has a story on its birth.

When we talk about git’s birth story, we should start from the Linux.

The Linux kernel is an open source project handle by Linus Torvalds on a large scope, where multiple developers were working on the same project. Linux kernel development from 1991 to 2002 is worked as patches and archived file from different geographical located developers. In 2002, the Linux kernel project starts using DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) called BitKeeper.

In 2005, due to some conflict relation between Linux community that developed the Linux Kernel and the company that developed BitKeeper broke down and the tool BitKeeper was revoked from the free-of-charge status, means this tool is not available to use free anymore.

So, after that Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux developed another tool to manage a repository for Linux Kernel development. He puts some of the essential goals of this new version control as follows:

• Simple Design
• Speed
• Fully Distributed
• Strong support for non-linear development (supports thousands of parallel branches)
• Capability to handle a large project like Linux kernel (speed and data size)

So, Git birth in 2005, now it is known as easy to use with superb qualities. It is blazingly fast and very efficient to use with large projects. It has incredible branching system for non-linear development.


This is the small but great story behind Git.

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